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"I am constantly amazed at how fragile our reality is - how it disintegrates as we uncover events in our past that were hitherto hidden from us. This is my greatest realisation in Broken Birds. But the task now is not to lament the atrocities of history but to rebuild ourselves with this knowledge of the past. Being a student of literature and history, I found great satisfaction in merging the two seeemingly disparate disciplines into one form - fact and fiction fusing into theatre. Scripting for Broken Birds has been both inspiring and painful; inspiring because I am once again reminded of the tenacity of the human spirit in the face of adversity; painful because I realised that I am ultimately detached from the Karayuki-sans even though they are part of my history. I am thankful for the chance to excavate and reconstruct a moment sunk in time; and being a participant in the magic of what is theatre."

Robin Loon is a 27 year-old post graduate at the National University of Singapore . His past works for TheatreWorks include Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (1992) and Watching The Clouds By (1994)

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