Safe Sex (A Double Bill):
Jackson on a Jaunt
As if he Hears

Jackson on a Jaunt

Jackson is an egocentric insurance executive who is told he has contracted AIDS.  Bt he was one of two patients who were given the number 633 in the hospital that day.  Which of them really has AIDS?  With AIDS as a catalyst, Jackson undergoes a series of discoveries about himself and the society he lives in.

As If He Hears

As If He Hears, focuses on the friendship between an AIDS volunteer worker and a man stricken with AIDS.  Through each other, they discover life in death, and death in life.  The play is a study about the lives of AIDS patients and the relationships they form.

Eleanor Wong (Jackson on a Jaunt)
Chay Yew (As if he Hears)

Ong Keng Sen

Cheong Yew Kuan (Jackson on a Jaunt)
Justin Hill (As if he Hears)

Kalyani Kausikan

Allan Mortimer

Vik Lim

Ashley Lim

Make Up
Kose Beauty Centre

Print Design
Goh Eck Kheng

Tay Tong


Performers (Jackson on a Jaunt)
William Grosse
Jacintha Abisheganaden
Rani Moorthy
Lee Weng Kee
Janet Ng
Christine Chan
Karen Lim

Performers (As if he Hears)
Lim Yu-Beng
Nora Samsosir
Lim Kay Siu
Jamie Lo
Daphne Ng

23 November – 3 December 1989
The Drama Centre

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