"We will not stay like this forever.
We will unclasp, and let some meaning in.
Until then though, it is enough to let forgetting take its course.
We will know when it is done.
It is not so easy to relinquish the things that make us kind."


Hypnotically moody and sexy. A relationship between a man and a woman. One scene, one space, one story. Growing apart and coming back again.

It is not a love story.
It is a luminous story about one man’s search for balance.

We invite you to enter The Black Box where a melding of Ayurvedic senses await you. Swathed in hypnotic soundscape of George Chua and the sensuous text of Paul Rae and Kaylene Tan, delicately textured by Ben Slater’s film, balance is a treat to rebalance your senses.

balance is part of a new TheatreWorks process of theatre-making where science and art meet to evolve a new performance methodology.

The process began in November 2002 when Low initiated a new theatre laboratory called the DAVICIPROJECT. The first laboratory saw 8 participants including a doctor, geneticist, and architect work over 72 hours without sleep. From the notes, discoveries and wild ideas hot-housed in the DAVINCIPROJECT emerge collaborations like pulse, and now, balance.

The first laboratory also launched the VERSIONSTM branding for this new genre of theatre work. For every production, different versions to a single idea are developed to highlight the many possibilities in any creative process.


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