Conceived + Designed by Low Kee Hong

In collaboration with George Chua + Yuen Chee Wai

pulse. VERSIONTM is an eight-minute joy ride of light, sound + video that will set your pulses racing. Set in a black box with a visual island, get ready to trip it out with us. As you experience the journey, have your electrocardiogram (ECG) taken and literally contribute your pulse to the sound design of pulse.VERSIONTM theatre opening 23 April 2003. Free Admission. At TheatreWorks (Singapore) Ltd, The Black Box.

WARNING: Pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions please seek medical advice before consuming this installation

Tuesday - Friday: 12pm to 8pm

Saturday - Sunday: 10am to 8pm

Closed on Mondays



"I remember the blood rushing to my head when i felt his tongue in my mouth, licking the insides of my mouth. And our tongues met and did a strange and delicious flicking dance, circling slowly then darting around. He sucked my lips - the upper then the lower, ever so slowly... I thought i was going to melt, I was one puddle of wet desire. Time stood still - we were the only two hungry mouths in the world. Screw Christmas. Fuck politics. Whatever to the rest of the world. This went on for hours. Gimme more."

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