SERUNDING returns!



“The audience… laughed and cried with the protagonist wholeheartedly.”
Natalie Koh, The Business Times, 10 Dec 2010

“(Serunding) reflects very much the life of a typical Singapore family… It resonates with our Singaporean audience, Malay or not.”
Julia Ong, a South East District resident, in her letter to
The Straits Times Forum, 11 Dec 2010.

Serunding, written by Ahmad Musta’ain Bin Khamis, is the winning script from the  24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2010 (Open Category). It was the first winning play to premiere in two Performance Tours to the South East District in 2010 and 2011. The re-staging of Serunding will engage a new audience and encourage participants to aspire to be a winner in this year’s 24-Hour Playwriting Competition.

Starring the delightful & popular Aidli Mosbit once again, this one-woman play stirs to life the voice of Safiah like a perfect dish of serunding. A Malay homemaker, Safiah’s belief as a devout Muslim and parental expectations fall into conflict with her children; she also suffers tedious ties with her mother-in-law ‘Sofea Jane’. Told through humour, food and many phone calls, Serunding draws us to the heart and pain of a mother’s love. A spicy sweet expression of the Singapore family caught at the centre of cultural values and modern living.

Performance Details:
6 June 2014 (Friday), 8pm
7 June 2014 (Saturday), 3pm & 8pm
8 June 2014 (Sunday), 3pm

Malay Heritage Centre, Auditorium

Performed in English with some Bahasa Melayu (no surtitles)
Approximately 30 minutes
There will be a post-show discussion after each performance
Free Admission

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